Enosburg Falls Elementary

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School vacation starts February 27 - March 7th.  Students return to school on March 8th.

Hornet News

Superintendent Screening Committee

The FNESU board has contracted the Vermont School Boards Association to assist in the search for Superintendent. As part of that process, VSBA will be convening a Candidate Screening Committee with the authority to guide the initial superintendent screening process.

The committee has two slots for board members, two slots for building administrators, one slot for a central office administrator, three slots for teachers, two slots for support staff (school and CO staff who are not on an administrative contract or in the teacher unit), two slots for community members, and one student slot.

If you are interested in filling one of the two support staff seats, please let me know by this Thursday, February 23. Committee members will need to commit to at least five evening meetings before the end of April. If more than two support staff are interested, two names will be drawn at random, with representation from different buildings.