Enosburg Falls Elementary

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NO School Monday, November 20-24 Thanksgiving Recess.
Mathematics » K-2


           Five Frame                                    Ten Frames                          Ten Frame Mania                      
  Use Five Frames to Count and Add     Use Ten Frames to Count and Add       Show Numbers on a Ten Frame             
           Kakooma                            NumTanga Junior                    Okta's Rescue
         Addition Puzzles                   Match Numbers, Words and Pictures         Count to save Okta 
Grouping and Grazing                          Math LIMBO                           How Much?How Many?
Move cows into corrals by                     Add and Make a Sum to Match               Count, Compare, and Find Groups 
counting, adding, and subtracting
Choose a problem or investigation to try.  


           Coin Box                                                  Coin Bubble
Count, Collect, and Exchange Coins                    Pop Bubbles and be a Coin Master