Enosburg Falls Elementary

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NO School Monday, November 20-24 Thanksgiving Recess.
Mathematics » 3-5



  Deep Sea Duel                     Math LIMBO                                       Kakooma                         
Use 3 cards to reach      Find sums of equal value       Addition/Multiplication Puzzles
a target sum
       NumTanga                              Bunny Times                           How Much?How Many?   
Find Numbers, Words,            Solve facts up to 12 x 12                 Solve without counting 
and Visuals that Match      
       The Factor Game               
      Race to find factors             
NRICH math                                                       KenKen Puzzle
Choose a problem or investigation to try.     A puzzle game to challenge you


  Puzzle Pic Fractions                                        Fraction Game
Find fractions to solve the puzzles           Race to the end of a number line