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Back to School Night is August 22, 5:30-6:30. Please join us! First day of school is Wed., August 28.
Mathematics » 3-5


Websites that have a variety of games/activities

Choose games by grade level and then by math concept.
Once on this site, choose your grade level and scroll down to find games/activities.
Design your own virtual world while expanding your knowledge of fractions and decimals.  Students say, "I forgot I was doing math!"

Choose from many topics, including multiplication, division, decimals, and fractions

Choose interesting tasks by grade, topic, concept, math practice, or interest.


  Deep Sea Duel                     Math LIMBO                                       Kakooma                         
Use 3 cards to reach      Find sums of equal value             Addition/Multiplication Puzzles
a target sum
       NumTanga                              Bunny Times                           How Much?How Many?   
Find Numbers, Words,            Solve facts up to 12 x 12                 Solve without counting 
and Visuals that Match      
       The Factor Game                   Word Problems
      Race to find factors        Choose the type of problem
                                                  you want to solve
        KenKen Puzzle                                  
 A puzzle game to challenge you.              

 Fractions and Decimals

  Puzzle Pic Fractions                                        Fraction Game
Find fractions to solve the puzzles           Race to the end of a number line
Battleship Fractions               Create Equivalent Fractions            Fraction Models                                                                               


           Coin Box                                                  Coin Bubble
Count, Collect, and Exchange Coins                    Pop Bubbles and be a Coin Master
             Math Top 10                                 NRICH math
      Challenge yourself with                     Try a problem          
     some interesting problems.                 or investigation.